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UDM system gas injectors - Automotive Division -

The HS injector series is a single outlet injector module belonging to the new generation of Matrix's Injector modules. This family of injectors , called UDM (universal direct mounting), is expressly developed for OEM application where the injector is directly installed in the engine intake manifold.
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Matrix     noun   I  ma-triks / ma-trix


an arrangement of connected things, something that constitutes the place or point from which something else originates, takes form or develops.
Corporate Identity

At the beginning of the new millennium, Matrix proposes as the suitable partner for the supply of innovative solutions specially developed according to specific requirements of the customer.
In all our geographic locations a team of professionals represent our company to pursue customer satisfaction by working close together.

Matrix offers dynamism, professional know-how and the highest quality in materials and workmanship, a complex array of products, all characterized by outstanding performances and a common technological "matrix".

Thanks to the high degree of innovation and outstanding quality, its products are conquering wider and wider space for high-tech applications.
A dynamic research centre, boasting the most recent computerised design systems and modern laboratories, ensures a continuous and rational development of technologically advanced products and solutions, capable of expressing the highest quality in performance and reliability in numerous applications.
This is witnessed by the many international patents and high innovation level of the products, all characterised by a common technological direction which best expresses the capacity and intention of the company to rationalize development processes.

The Matrix technology is a common factor in all its products and it is this technology that guarantees an elevated synergy and optimization in production. A synergy that integrates and optimizes the experience gained in the various applications, so as to continually increase the quality of the product and services provided.
The investments and the resources dedicated to research and development, the constant and profitable collaboration with many university research centres and internationl recognition of the highly innovative standard of the products witness the company’s firm commitment to this strategic area.